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 The mission of the Coordination Section is to provide finely tuned support to students, working in partnership with staff and faculty members, and other departments within the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling as well as off-campus service providers. The specific support that we provide can be divided into two categories, as follows.

1) Identifying students who need support and linking them up with this support, in partnership with other staff and faculty members at the university.

2) Providing support to staff and faculty members who are experiencing difficulty in dealing with students.


1) When staff and faculty members approach us for advice concerning day-to-day student guidance and consultation, we help them to consider how to deal with the issue in question.
2) If necessary, we will meet with the student concerned and provide them with support so that they can lead a better university life. This support includes referring them to and/or working in partnership with the doctors and counselors at the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling, or other services within the university or outside it.
3) Even after the student has been put in touch with an appropriate support body, we provide support that helps to facilitate communication and partnership between counseling services and staff/faculty members at each school, institute or faculty.

Please note that our contacts are confidential. We cannot respond to requests for information about student use and/or appointment of the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling, unless the student in question has granted permission for this information to be released. (Excludes emergencies)

How to make use of our services

(1) Opening hours: 10:00–17:00, Mon–Fri (excluding national holidays)

(2) Appointments:Counseling is provided face-to-face.

   We recommend that you contact us by phone or email in advance to obtain an appointment, as this will make the process smoother.

(3)Access to the Coordination Section

   2nd floor of “Big Sand (LAWSON)” in Center Zone, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City 819-0395
   *Our staff are happy to visit each campus. Please feel free to get in touch.


Yusaku Omodaka (assistant professor: clinical psychology)

Vision for the Future

1) Working in partnership with university staff and faculty members and external organizations to construct networks and systems that will facilitate the early identification of students with support needs, such as those with truancy or social withdrawal issues, as well as facilitating efforts to link them up with appropriate support

2) Developing programs aimed at improving mental health awareness among all members of the university and helping students to acquire self-care skills to improve their mental and physical health, as well as constructing mutual support systems among students

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