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The Mission of the Division

The Support Section for inclusion seeks to ensure that all the members of Kyushu University respect the rights of people with disabilities and strives to eliminate any barriers (social barriers) that infringe those rights and promote efforts to put in place a learning environment that enables people with disabilities to demonstrate their individuality and abilities.


①Construction of a university-wide system for determining the specific details of reasonable accommodation
 To promote university-wide support, we form systems for cooperation with schools, institutes, faculties, and other organizations throughout the university.
②Ensuring learning opportunities
 We provide information about access to information and consideration for communication in classes, securing priority seating in classrooms, ensuring access to classrooms, requests to faculty members for special consideration, and teaching materials and assistive devices.
③Networks of internal and external partnerships
 We promote partnerships with high schools and provide information to university applicants with disabilities through university fairs and open days. We promote partnerships with specialist organizations in fields including medicine, welfare, education, and industry. In addition, we work in partnership with relevant departments within the university.
④Development of barrier-free facilities
 We work in partnership with relevant departments to create maps of barrier-free facilities and further improve university facilities.
⑤Personal support
 We provide personal support to facilitate reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities and also arrange group works.
⑥Human resource development in a society based on global coexistence
 To nurture student peer supporters, we implement the Program to Cultivate Accessibility Leaders (including company internships).
We organize lectures and practical training concerning the removal of barriers.

Accessibility Leader Promotion

We implement the Accessibility Leader Promotion (ALP), which nurtures individuals who can lead the way forward to a more people-friendly society in the future.

・Peer supporter for disability system at Kyushu University

Senior peer supporter students: Who obtain 1st grade on qualification admitted by ALP council. They do public relations aimed at inspiring and supporting those with disabilities for accessibility improvements at Kyushu University. They also manage and give pieces of advice and instructions for the activities of junior supporter students.

Junior peer supporter students: They take specific subjects and can do public relations aimed at inspiring and supporting those with disabilities for accessibility improvements at Kyushu University. Through these, they can take tests for the qualification of accessibility leaders.
※Peer supporter students are admitted as “peer support leaders of disabilities support at Kyushu University” who actively participate in disability support activities on campus and take leadership. They have to take curriculums needed for disability support.
In 2017, the first peer support leader on disability support at Kyushu University was admitted.

Applying to participate in the Accessibility Leader Promotion (PDF: Japanese)
Cultivation of Kyushu University student peer supporters: academic program for cultivating accessibility leaders (PDF: Japanese)
Accessibility Leader Development Council (external link)


KIKAN education:
Basic Accessibility
Introduction to Disability Services
Introduction to Accessibility
Introduction to Accessibility Support
Universal Design
Management of Accessibility

Faculty of Education

Accessibility Psychology 1
Accessibility Psychology 2
Accessibility Psychology Exercise
Accessibility Psychology Practical Exercise

You can take tests for the qualification of the Accessibility Leader Promotion Council by taking these classes and doing peer support student activities.

(Peer Supporter of Disability Support)

1) Making Barrier-Free Map
2) Information Security Activity
3) Studying Support
4) Support for an Entrance Ceremony or Some Other Kinds of Events
5) Support for Off Campus Disabilities
6)Public Relations: Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/qu.barrierfree/)
(Report of our activities)
Spreading of understanding toward incurable diseases based on human relationships
⑦Awareness activities and Awareness surveys
 We deepen an understanding of and interest in the creation of barrier-free environments through courses and workshops. We conduct awareness surveys to ascertain awareness among the members of Kyushu University. We then employ this information in future support systems.

Support Section for Inclusion

744, Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, 819-0395, Japan Room 1104, Center Zone 1 Building(1F)
Tel: 092-802-5859


Mari Tanaka (professor: clinical psychology, study of developmental disabilities/clinical psychologist)
Susumu Yokota (associate professor: study of developmental disabilities, cognitive neuroscience/researcher qualification for ADI-R, ADOS-2 clinical qualification)
Takeshi Shimonakamura (research associate: deaf education)
Kanako Kishikawa (research associate: clinical psychology/clinical psychologist, special education needs specialist)
Akiko Tajima (technical staff: clinical psychology/clinical psychologist)
Kenjiro Ohshima (technical staff: clinical psychology/clinical psychologist)
Tomoyuki Nagai (technical staff: clinical psychology/clinical psychologist)

Vision for the Future

Formulating Kyushu University Basic Policy on Support for People with Disabilities

①Building support systems
・University-wide support systems
・Support systems in each school, institute, and faculty
・Systems for determining reasonable consideration
②Forming inter-university networks
③Facilitating links between high schools and the university
・Forming networks for sharing information to support the advancement of school pupils to higher education
④Cultivating Accessibility Leaders as student peer supporters
⑤Employment support
・Providing employment support in partnership with external support organizations
⑥ Securing the stable sources of funding required to ensure learning opportunities

Programs, Group Activities

The following is about the program and group activity held by the support section for inclusion. You can confirm each activity in the “News” section.

■Program about Getting Jobs and Carrier Support

■Early Time Internship (SAKIDORI!! Internship)
This program is held mainly by the carrier support section of student support division. We also participate in this program. This internship is held with proper consideration for disabilities. You can receive enough support from the preparation phase. This is also effective for the preparation of usual internships. You may think about future working through this program.
(Companies that participated in this events in 2017) three general companies (FUJITSU Kyushu System Service, FUJITSU Kyushu Network Technologies, Softbank), and campus internship.
※This program is held in long vacation for 2 days from 2 weeks. We have plans to hold this with different companies.

■Early Time Job Getting Support Lecture (SAKIDORI!! Job Getting Support Lecture)
This program is held mainly by the carrier support section of student support division. We also participate in this program. You can understand deeply about job getting and yourself by our campus carrier and the appropriate instructions of employment advisers.

■Career Guidance for Students who have Disabilities
This program is held mainly by the carrier support section of student support division. We also participate in this program. Teachers from other corporations and general companies give guidance for students with disabled employment and career. University officials and parents can also participate in this.

■Useful Part Time Job Lecture

■Parents’ Day
This is for parents whose children use the support section for inclusion. We inform and share considerable information, and parents also talk with one another and share their opinions.

<Contact us> Support Section for Inclusion (Ito Campus): 092-802-5859

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