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I.	Mission

Ultimate goal:
 The goal of this department is to conduct research and education focused on the theoretical structure of methods and systems for supporting health, to benefit all students, staff, and faculty members.
Mid-term goals:
 We aim to promote and disseminate information concerning research focused on building systems and networks to prevent the weakening or impairment of students’ “mental fitness*” and to prevent mental health disorders and lifestyle-related diseases among staff and faculty members. In addition, we aim to provide services relevant to these areas.
*Mental fitness: The ability to process and deal with various psychophysiological actions and issues that arise in everyday life.


【Construction of a mental fitness support system for students, using the population approach】

Topic 1:
Monitoring of a fact-finding survey based on a mental health epidemiological survey, and evaluation of the outcomes*
* Learning situation (including absences), academic performance and earning of credits, whether student counseling was sought, etc.
Topic 2:
Research concerning changes occurring over time as a result of the shift to a quarter system (four-semester system), such as changes in lifestyle, mental health, and learning (including comparative studies with Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Topic 3:
Project focused on the development of human resources to disseminate health information and provide health support

【Construction of a health support system aimed at rolling out health promotion for staff and faculty members, using the population approach】

Topic 1:
Planning and promotion of mental and physical health support projects
Topic 2:
Construction of a system of special health check-ups and special health guidance (project on measures to combat metabolic syndrome)
Topic 3:
Creation of health support projects that can be initiated by anyone, at any time, anywhere
Topic 4:
Project focused on the development of human resources to disseminate health information and provide health support

Division of Health Promotion and Development

744, Motoka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, 819-0395, Japan
Tel: 092-802-5112 (Laboratory)


Shuzo Kumagai (professor: etiology)
Hiro Kishimoto (associate professor, etiology)
Yoshinori Masaki (associate professor: internal medicine, pneumology)
Kosuke Kajitani (associate professor: psychiatry)
Shigemi Takayanagi(lecturer:Health psychology, Exercise psychology)
Tomoko Matsushita (associate professor: clinical psychology)

Vision for the Future

1)Conceptual diagram of the mental fitness support system at Kyushu University(see diagram :Japanese

2)Conceptual diagram of the physical activity support system for staff and faculty members at Kyushu University(see diagram :Japanese

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