Center Overview

History of the Center

April 1978
The Faculty of Health and Physical Education (at Ropponmatsu campus) in the former Liberal Arts Department and the Health Management Center (at Hakozaki campus) are amalgamated to form the Kyushu University Institute of Health Science.

April 1982
The Institute of Health Science building at the Chikushi Campus is completed.

Due to the scrapping of the Liberal Arts Department, faculty members from the Department of Counseling and the Student Counseling and Guidance Center form “a third department” at the Institute of Health Science (however, this department was transferred out of the Institute in March 2000).

October 2003
Due to the merger of Kyushu University with the Kyushu Institute of Design, the latter’s Health Management Center becomes the Ohashi Campus Annex of the Institute of Health Science

April 2004
Kyushu University becomes a national university corporation. Occupational safety and health activities gain momentum as a result.

October 2005
The Ito Campus West Zone infirmary is established, following the opening of the Ito Campus.

March 2009
The Ropponmatsu Campus Annex of the Institute of Health Science is relocated to the Center Zone of the Ito Campus, following the closure of the Ropponmatsu Campus.

April 2013
The Institute of Health Science and the Faculty of Arts and Science (Division for Student Counseling and Guidance) are restructured and amalgamated to form the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling.

Staff(full-time faculty members and researchers)

Division of Healthcare

Takeshi Sato (professor: psychiatry)
Jun Nagano (professor: internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine)
Shinobu Tsurugano (professor: internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine)
Masahiro Irie (associate professor: internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine)
Yoshinori Masaki (associate professor: internal medicine, pneumology)
Noriko Yamamoto (associate professor: internal medicine, diabetology)
Suguru Hasuzawa (lecturer: psychiatry)
Masahide Koda (lecturer: psychiatry)

Division of Student Counseling

Hideaki Fukumori (professor: clinical psychology)
Tomoko Matsushita(associate professor: clinical psychology)
Satoshi Takamatsu(associate professor, International Student Center: clinical psychology)
Shinji Oda (associate professor: clinical psychology)
Yusaku Omodaka (associate professor: clinical psychology)
Fumika Funatsu(lecturer: clinical psychology)

Support Section for Inclusion

Mari Tanaka (professor: Study of developmental disabilities)
Susumu Yokota (associate professor: Study of developmental disabilities, Cognitive neuroscience)

Division of health promotion and development

Hiro Kishimoto (associate professor: epidemiology)
Shigemi Takayanagi (lecturer: health psychology, sports psychology)
Hisae Matsuo (concurrent post, professor)
Yoshinori Masaki (concurrent post, associate professor)
Tomoko Matsushita (concurrent Post, associate professor)
Susumu Yokota (concurrent Post, associate professor)

Division of Coordination

Hisae Matsuo (professor: certified public psychologist, clinical psychology, mental health social worker)
Huang Zhengguo (assistant professor: clinical psychologist, clinical psychology)


Our Mission
 The Center for Health Sciences and Counseling is a university organization that seeks to maintain and promote the mental and physical health of students, staff, and faculty members at Kyushu University, to ensure that the campus is safe and comfortable for everyone, and to foster self-reliance and growth among students through the provision of counseling services. This Center’s mission can be broken down into the following five areas, based on the areas of expertise of each of its departments.

1. The Mission of the Division of Healthcare;
2. The Mission of the Division of Student Counseling;
3. The Mission of the Support Section for Inclusion;
4. The Mission of Division of health promotion and development;
5. The Mission of Division of Coordination;

The Vision for the Future of the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling
 The Center for Health Sciences and Counseling is part of Kyushu University’s Faculty of Arts and Science, whose philosophy is to cultivate the basic attitudes required to “learn about learning and thinking.” This Center also seeks to provide an environment that will enable students to proactively and independently learn about their mental and physical health, and to actually maintain and enhance their health. Moreover, the number of international students and researchers at Kyushu University is growing, as a natural consequence of internationalization. We would like to help to create a campus that facilitates the maintenance of mental and physical health, irrespective of cultural differences.