Coordination Section


 The Coordination Section’s mission is to function as the first point of contact and a one-stop shop for students, teachers, and related individuals who seek consultation. The Section play the role of coordinating appropriate assistance from inside and outside the university.


1) Ascertaining students and teachers with support needs:
We analyze data and work to ascertain students and teachers that have support needs.

2) Partnering with support institutions inside and outside the university:
We support students, teachers, and guardians by partnering with support institutions inside and outside the university.

3) Early response to new students:
We conduct new student interviews with university doctors and counselors.

4) Support for students who are continually absent or who have a low number of earned credits:
We work with students who have been continually absent for specific classes and provide consultations for those with a low number of earned credits.

5) Consultation for teachers:
We provide consultations for teachers facing difficulty in dealing with their students.

6) Post-interventions for serious incidents such as accidents, suicides, etc.:
We provide support after serious incidents such as accidents, suicides, etc. by partnering with the relevant school departments. We are also responsible for coordinating with a post-event response team.

7) Creation of self-care materials:
We prepare leaflets with information on self-care skills to promote physical and mental health. We cannot respond to requests for information about student use and/or appointment of the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling Kyushu University, unless the student in question has granted permission for this information to be released. (Excludes emergencies)

How to make use of our services
(1) Opening hours: 10:00–17:00, Mon–Fri (excluding national holidays)

(2) Appointments: Counseling is provided face-to-face.
We recommend that you contact us by phone or email in advance to obtain an appointment, as this will make the process smoother.


(3) Access to the Coordination Section
1F, Ito Campus Center Zone Building 1, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City 819-0395
In the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling (Room 1103)
*Our staff are happy to visit each campus. Please feel free to get in touch.



Hisae Matsuo (Professor: certified public psychologist, clinical psychology, mental health social worker)
Huang Zhengguo (assistant professor: clinical psychologist, clinical psychology)
Kumiko Ii (office assistant)(limited specialist staff: mental health social worker)
Naoko Kinoshita (office assistant)(limited specialist staff: social worker)
Isako Hori (office assistant)
Masahiro Suenaga (office assistant)

Vision for the Future

1) Establishment of the early intervention and support system

2) Proposal and development of preventative education programs using study and work data

3) Creation of predictive models for early intervention