This division’s mission is to maintain and promote the mental and physical health of students, staff, and faculty members, making use of our expertise in the field of medicine. The counseling services provided by our doctors are determined by their field of specialism, as outlined below.

Physical Health Counseling (internal medicine physicians)
 The internal medicine physicians at the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling at the university’s six campuses provide general health counseling and medical care for students, staff, and faculty members. They provide primary care and appropriate advice tailored to the nature of the illness or injury. If necessary, they will refer you to a specialist physician outside the university. There is no charge for counseling or treatment at our infirmary. Our physicians will maintain your privacy and will not disclose to any third party (including your tutor) details of the advice that has been sought or the treatment provided. You can be assured of complete peace of mind when you use any of our Health Centers. The days when counseling is available differ from one campus to another, so please check with the relevant infirmary.

Mental Health Counseling (psychiatrists)
 The Center for Health Sciences and Counseling has full-time psychiatrists on its staff, who provide treatment (psychotherapy or drug therapy) or advice aimed at improving the mental health of students and staff. If you are having trouble sleeping or are feeling depressed, constantly dejected, unbearably anxious, severely irritable, or lacking in motivation, please do seek mental health counseling. However, please note that drug therapy is limited to students, in principle, and we will administer the lowest necessary dose for the shortest necessary period of time. We will maintain your privacy, including the fact that you have sought a consultation. If your symptoms are severe or if it is otherwise necessary, we will refer you to an external medical institution.


 We provide the following services for students, staff, and faculty members.

Medical care
 If you become physically or mentally unwell while on campus, you can seek a consultation/treatment from a physician (internal medicine physician or psychiatrist) at one of our Health Centers.

Health support
 We provide guidance concerning lifestyle improvements, guidance concerning quitting smoking, and information about influenza. You can also check your general physical measurements (height, weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure) at our annexes. Services at night and on holidays: We do not provide medical care at night or on holidays. Please use the prefecture’s emergency care system.(Hospital guide in Fukuoka for foreign residents.

Regular medical check-ups for students
 Regular medical check-ups for students are offered at the Hospital Campus each April and October. Please ensure that you make use of this system to check your health. Those who have undergone a regular medical check-up for students can obtain a medical examination certificate (free of charge).

>Regular Medical Checkup for Students

Occupational safety and health activities
 We conduct a wide range of activities to improve and maintain the health of staff and faculty members working at the university, as well as seeking to improve and maintain the university’s workplace environments.

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Takeshi Sato (professor: psychiatry)
Jun Nagano (professor: internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine)
Shinobu Tsurugano (professor: internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine)
Masahiro Irie (associate professor: internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine)
Yoshinori Masaki (associate professor: internal medicine, pneumology)
Noriko Yamamoto (associate professor: internal medicine, diabetology)
Suguru Hasuzawa (lecturer: psychiatry)
Masahide Koda (lecturer: psychiatry)


Miki Matsuzono (public health nurse)
Momoko Matsumoto (public health nurse)
Rina Kono (public health nurse)
Tomoko Tanaka (nurse)
Machiko Sueyoshi (public health nurse)
Yuka Miyazaki (public health nurse)
Hiroko Sugiyama (public health nurse)
Naoko Toda (public health nurse)
Makiko Fujise (public health nurse)
Saeko Okamoto (public health nurse)
Yoko Ohno (public health nurse)
Shoko Hayashi (public health nurse)
Ayako Ishijima (public health nurse)

Vision for the Future

 This division aims to (1) create an environment in which students, staff, and faculty members can actively strive to maintain and improve their health; and (2) build systems that can support school health from an international perspective, responding flexibly to the university’s globalization.

"The Welcome Program" and "the Refresh Program"

 We offer "the Welcome Program" and "the Refresh Program", which are lifestyle improvement programs targeted at students and staff who have a tendency toward obesity. If you are interested, please consult your nearest infirmary at Center for Health Sciences and Counseling.

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Guidance on quitting smoking

 We provide support to students and staff who wish to quit smoking. Should you wish to quit smoking, please contact any of your nearest infirmary at Center for Health Sciences and Counseling.

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Measures against infectious disease

 The School Health and Safety Act specifies the infectious diseases that schools (including universities) should prevent. We promptly circulate the latest information concerning influenza and any other infectious diseases that could easily spread within the university.

>News of measures against infectious disease